OpenBSD, DJBDNS, and IPv6

(Last modified: 02/18/02)


This document describes the configuration and setup of DJBDNS 1.05 for IPv6 under OpenBSD 2.9.


Download a copy of the IPv6 patch for DJBDNS:

Make sure the version of the patch matches up to the version of DJBDNS you are building in the ports.

cd /usr/ports/net/djbdns/
make clean extract patch

cd work
patch -p0 < /path/to/patch.file

Make sure the patch applied properly, then:

cd .. && make all install


If you are upgrading DJBDNS from a non-IPv6 version, you may need to create the add-alias6 and add-host6, utilities for IPv6 records, manually:

cd /etc/tinydns/root
echo -e '#!/bin/sh\nexec /usr/local/bin/tinydns-edit data add alias6 ${1+"$@"}' > add-alias6
echo -e '#!/bin/sh\nexec /usr/local/bin/tinydns-edit data add host6 ${1+"$@"}' > add-host6
chown root:wheel add-alias6 add-host6
chmod 755 add-alias6 add-host6

You can then use add-alias6 and add-host6 as you would their non-IPv6 counterparts.


Finally, shut down and restart the daemon.


Written by Robert Mooney (rjmooney\@impetus\.us).

Copyright (c) 2001-2002 Robert Mooney, All rights reserved.

This document may be freely distributed and modified, so long as the original author is credited.


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