TheShell: Remote UNIX file manager for Windows

Project development has ceased as of 03/2001.

Please see VanDyke's SecureFX for an SFTP version of what we were trying to get at, or Secure i-Xplorer for a FREE SSH1 remote file explorer.

 Current version: 1.0 (not yet released) | download | screenshots

What is TheShell?
A file manager-type interface to SSH.

When will it be available?
Not sure. Near future!

What is the goal of the project?
To provide a user with a GUI that will allow them to transfer and manipulate files remotely through a standard, secure protocol.

On what platform(s) does it run?
Windows 9x/NT/2000.

What is required to run TheShell?
The Windows version of TheShell requires the Cygwin runtime DLLs and a modified version of OpenSSH. These are bundled with the installation package.

What language is it written in?
C++. It currently relies on MFC for the UI.

Will the source code be available?
That is the plan, but we make no promises. :)

I have an idea or suggestion!
Send it along! The project email address is

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